The long-term trends of population growth, urbanization, economic expansion and dwindling natural resources are driving a transition to a low carbon economy with clean industrialization and efficient infrastructure. Furthermore, the historic correlation between economic growth and energy consumption is transitioning to a relationship between growth and the efficient use of natural capital.

These new drivers of global competitiveness will bring about the most significant capital expenditure cycle in history, a multi trillion dollar investment opportunity over the next decades. Despite the economic opportunities, these factors are not broadly understood, measured or priced and will over time dramatically affect operating and investment performance. Those who understand the implications and who adapt their investment strategies accordingly are well placed to outperform.

Beetle works with clients who integrate natural capital efficiency into their business models as well as with companies and funds with investment strategies in natural capital sectors such as:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Clean energy infrastructure
  • Cleantech
  • Ecosystem services
  • Water
  • Waste

Our approach is informed by deep domain expertise of the rapidly evolving technology and regulatory environment, appreciation of externalities and adaptation to a changing climate.


Beetle provides services to diverse clients with highly specialized needs across natural capital sectors. These require higher levels of investor education with respect to growth profiles, risk management and investment opportunities. The corollary is the potential to generate higher returns.


Beetle provides independent corporate finance advisory services to companies, financial institutions, private equity and new management teams.


Beetle has experienced placement professionals and has the necessary expertise and relationships with institutions and individuals globally to raise capital for companies and funds with natural capital strategies.